PM, Repairs, Fabrication

Preventive Maintenance, Repairs, Fabrication

To prevent any prolonged downtimes in your facility, it is always recommended to maintain the health of you equipment and to conduct an annual checkup on them. We try to catch these issues before they happen, but in the chance that issues are already present, we are also glad to help you have them up and running again! 

If you are in search of laboratory fabrication, look no further, and we can meet you and discuss the details at your site.

Our Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services encompasses: functional test of unit control panel, functional test of external and internal components such as parts subject to wear & tear, gears and other mechanical components required for proper operation.

We can Repair and Install various laboratory equipment/instruments, for repairs, a diagnosis would be required.

We currently fabricate the following:

  • Laminar Flow Cabinets (with FREE on-site validation)
  • Fume Hood Cabinets (with FREE on-site validation)
  • Extraction Bench Workstations
  • Laboratory Tables (Center, Side, Others)
  • Not in the list? Ask us!

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