General Laboratory Equipment

A laboratory (/ləˈbɒrətəri/ or /ˈlæbərətri/; informally, lab) is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. Scientific laboratories can be found in schools and universities, in industry, in government or military facilities, and even aboard ships and spacecraft. A laboratory might offer work space for just one to more than thirty researchers depending on its size and purpose. Recently, a new type of laboratory called Open Laboratory has emerged. Its format allows the sharing of space, equipment, support staff between different research groups and also fosters information exchange through communications across fields.



Alp Products

autoclaves, sterilizers
pressure cookers, vertical ovens

Astell Products

circular & square chamber autoclaves
medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory autoclaves
effluent decontamination, steam generators

Bico Products

crushers, pulverizers, ball mills
centrifuges, furnaces, asphalt extractors
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Brookfield Products

viscometers and rheometers for liquids
powder flow testers for particles
texture analysis and viscosity standards
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Canneed Products

can tests, 2-can, 3-can, aerosol can tests
seam tests, double seam tests, end and shell tests
bottles tests, crowns and caps tests

CKL Products

laboratory high speed mixers
mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, milling
dispensers, vacuum ribbon blenders
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Endecotts Products

electromagnetic sieve shakers, sieves
milling, crushing, sample collection
sample preparation, sample analyses

Eutech Products

pH, conductivity, DO, turbidity meters
multi-parameter meters
pen, handheld, bench types
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Evermed Products

refrigerators, freezers, ice makers
dual temperature coolers, portable ref-freezers
mortuary refrigerators/freezers, walk-in freezers
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Evoqua Products

laboratory water solutions including:
DI, RO, Pure, Ultra Pure
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GFL Products

water stills, deep freezers
shaking water baths

Glas-Col Products

heating mantles, shakers, rotators, stirrers
vortexers, evaporators, lead stabilisers
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Hermle Products

small, microlitre, universal, high-speed centrifuges
large volume, filtration centrifuges
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Humboldt Products

soil-field, soil-lab, concrete, cement testers
sieves, sieve shakers, compression testing machine
electronic density gauges for soil, automated tri-axial
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Impact Products

sieves, sieve shakers, riffle boxes
scoops, sieve analysers, ultrasonic baths

Irmeco Products

air dryers, fume cupboards, microscopes
viscometers, thermostatic cabinets
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KNK Products

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Kruss Products

polarimeters, refractometers, density meters
melting point apparatus, microscopes
flame photometers, spectroscopes

Labnet Products

vortex mixers, cryoboxes, pipettors, shakers
dry baths, centrifuges, electrophoresis
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Memmert Products

ovens, vacuum ovens, water baths, oil baths
incubators, cooled incubators, sterilisers
paraffin ovens, constant climate chambers
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Omni Products

disposable homogenisers, manual homogenisers
ultrasonic homogenisers, bead homogenisers
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Optika Products

microscopes for various needs
monocular, binocular, digital
educational, laboratory, industrial
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Phipps and Bird Products

jar testers, samplers, belt press simulators
portable dialysate warmers, physiology experiment apparatus
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Rocker Products

laboratory filtration, laboratory pumps
colony counter, refractometers, burners
loop sterilizers, vacuum systems
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Shimadzu Products

balances for all requirements
analytical, toploading, platform
moisture balances
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Torrey Pines Products

analog and digital hot plates and stirrers
HPLC column chillers/heaters
chilling and heating dry baths
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Whatman Products

filter membranes and papers, syringe filters
sample preparation for HPLC, UHPLC
DNA handling and storage at room temperature
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X-Rite Products

Color measuring and analysers
using color theory and color numbers
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Yamato Products

plasma cleaners, ashers, freeze dryers
rotary evaporators, spray dryers
autoclaves, sterilisers, muffle furnaces
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