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Microbiology (from Greek μῑκρος, mīkros, "small"; βίος, bios, "life"; and -λογία, -logia) is the study of microscopic organisms, either unicellular (single cell), multicellular (cell colony), or acellular (lacking cells). Microbiology includes the disciplines virology, mycology, parasitology, bacteriology, and so on.



Alp Products

autoclaves, sterilizers
pressure cookers, vertical ovens

Astell Products

circular & square chamber autoclaves
medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory autoclaves
effluent decontamination, steam generators

Axygen Products

genomics and liquid handling solutions
pipet tips, deep well plates, microtubes
PCR tubes, reagent reservoirs, seal films
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Euroclone Products

microbiological safety cabinets
ductless fume cabinets, laminar flow cabinets
IVF cabinets, cytotoxic handling cabinets

Interscience Products

sterile bags, bag mixers, lab blenders
colony counters, automatic spiral platers
autoclave deodorants, dispensing pumps

KNK Products

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Memmert Products

ovens, vacuum ovens, water baths, oil baths
incubators, cooled incubators, sterilisers
paraffin ovens, constant climate chambers
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Nuve Products

laminar flow and safety cabinets
steam sterilisers
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Optika Products

microscopes for various needs
monocular, binocular, digital
educational, laboratory, industrial
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Rocker Products

laboratory filtration, laboratory pumps
colony counter, refractometers, burners
loop sterilizers, vacuum systems
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Shimadzu Products

balances for all requirements
analytical, toploading, platform
moisture balances
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Torrey Pines Products

analog and digital hot plates and stirrers
HPLC column chillers/heaters
chilling and heating dry baths
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Whatman Products

filter membranes and papers, syringe filters
sample preparation for HPLC, UHPLC
DNA handling and storage at room temperature
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Yamato Products

plasma cleaners, ashers, freeze dryers
rotary evaporators, spray dryers
autoclaves, sterilisers, muffle furnaces
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